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Rayesha Ikram Hardono

Hej! My name is Ray Hardono, I’m a recent graduate of the of the Groningen LLB Program Class of 2017 and now working in a Strategic Management Consulting Firm in Indonesia. Last year I was fortunate enough to spend my exchange program in beautiful, cold and exciting Stockholm.

Academic Experiences and Courses

Courses Overview – There is a lot of interesting courses in SU, an all of the are Masters Level Courses. Mind you as well each course in SU are 15 ECTS each which why they’re considered master level courses. In such, for the whole time you’re there you’re only taking two classes. HOWEVER. Do not underestimate your workload. I had classes every day, sometimes, twice or even three times a day depending on the schedule. So, you’re very much focused to one legal sector, which for me is great. I took two courses which I find interesting and wasn’t really focused upon in the RUG, the courses where International Maritime and Transportation Law and International Criminal Law, the former inspired me to do my Bachelor thesis on.

Lectures and Course Programs – The quality of the courses taught WAS SUPERB.

Firstly, Aside from Lectures and Small-Group Seminars, we were also taken to various academic and legal scenes. For instance, for International Maritime and Transportation Law class we were taken to Baker McKenzie taken to meet lawyers which practice in the field of Aviation and Logistic. It was nothing like I have experienced in the RUG to be honest.

Secondly, my two courses were instructed by no less than 16 different specialist lecturers and lawyers. For instance, for my International Criminal Law course, we had lectures such as Barbara Goy who was one of the chief prosecutor with the International Criminal Tribunal of Yugoslavia or Hans Corell, who was former Under- Secretary General of Legal Affairs in the United Nations. Although an impressive array of skilled speakers to deliver informative lectures on their respective topics of interest, it was also demanding and challenging to get high grades due to their expertise. This was one of the cases when we had to do an Moot Court in our International Criminal Law Class, in which one of Judges presiding was the former Judge of the first Genocide Case, specifically that in the ICTR.

Accommodation and Prices


Like most Scandinavian town the housing market is scarce but thank god for me (maybe for you too) I had some connections to ease that. However, SU does provide student housing for exchange students… HOWEVER THIS IS A RAFFLE BASIS. What it means is that you’ll jaught down your bio after getting an acceptance letter for SU (sooner or later) then they’ll email you whether or not you’ll get housing. Mind you THIS IS NOT FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, ITS PURE LUCK. If you don’t get housing my only tip is this, one go to a Facebook Group for Stockholm Housing, and find it there. This sounds easier said than done, cause as mentioned housing is scarce so you better put these Groups all up on alert in your phone and “PM” as soon as possible. And lastly, don’t be picky on housing, if it looks far (which probably it is) you have the Metro which runs through Greater Stockholm and should take you to campus about 30 to 45 mins if youre so far off campus.

Prices in Stockholm – As mentioned, I was very-very lucky to find an accommodation in central Stockholm for about (if converted) 320 Euros a Month. I rented a room with my own shower from a Law Professor who teaches Economics and Business Law in SU. However, if you are able to get the lottery housing from SU, the monthly rent is about 420 Euros. And sometimes in other private accommodations or room it ranges between 400 Euros up, depending in the area or size.

Transportation – Metro, Bus and when your too Drunk… Uber.

For Metro and Bus, you’ll need to by an SL Card. It’s basically an OV Chip card equivalent but you can subscribe it for a 6-month basis. And if you’re under 20 like I was then, you get a lot of discounts. However, without the age discount the SL Card is about 60 Euros (approx.) for six months if I am not mistaken.

Model United Nations, Galas and Travelling

Last but not least, aside from all the wonderful place Stockholm has to offer, from Opera shows, night clubs (in Sturesplan – aka Beverly Hills of Stockholm) and beautiful harbours there is a lot of things to do in and beyond Stockholm. I will highlight one of the top things I did and experienced whilst in Stockholm. Firstly, if you’re into politics and debate, in November usually they’ll have the annual Stockholm Model United Nations, where you’ll be able to practice that European or International Law knowledge to good use and with dedication win awards. However, you’ll also meet aspiring students and young professionals from all across Europe. Secondly, every December the Stockholm University Student Association organizes a very fancy dinner with students, alumni’s and even better NOBEL LAURETES. I was very lucky to meet Groningen’s very own Ben Feringa when he was in Stockholm back in 2016. Lastly, the TRAVELLING. I think I made the most of my Travels when I was in Scandinavia, from my visits to St. Petersburg, Tallin and Helsinki by Ship to enjoying the beautiful wild-out doors and seeing the Northern Lights in the Swedish Laplands, it was truly an amazing feeling to have. But ya’ll need to be very budget minded, since scandi travel is not all that cheap.

All in all, I had an amazing time in Stockholm, beside all the things mentioned above the best thing about SU and Stockholm is the life-long friends I made there, who were mostly law students.

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